Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Providing treatment for new-borns at one of Dubai’s trusted Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Our Neonatal Intensive Care unit provides round-the-clock care to the most fragile of infants, those who have been born early or those who have been born with birth abnormalities or health conditions. With our team of experienced and dedicated staff, we are able to ensure that these premature and unwell new-borns receive the very best start in life.

Providing care for Dubai’s tiniest patients

Having a baby born pre-term has to be one of the most delicate and stressful events any parent can experience. Instead of those early days being a time of pure joy, they are instead tainted by the worry that comes with seeing your tiny new arrival struggling to adapt to life in the outside world. We can ensure your new baby receives care from our trustworthy Paediatric Intensive Care unit nurse, giving them all the treatment and care they need to thrive.
Pre-term babies need a very specific type of care because their needs can often be complicated and need to be handled with the utmost compassion and understanding. We employ only the most experienced and well-qualified nursing staff, those who have been trained to the highest standards and have spent years working in hospitals with NICU departments. Between them, our team has amassed decades of experience working with pre-term babies and knows how to best treat Dubai’s tiniest patients.

The special needs of NICU babies

Our NICU ward is one of the most important units within the hospital, as it cares for some of our most vulnerable patients. We aim to create as caring and supportive an environment as possible, not just for the babies we are treating, but for their wider families too. The impact of a premature birth can be incredibly difficult to deal with, not just for the moms and dads, but for siblings and grandparents too.

Seeing your new baby looking so fragile can be overwhelming, but with Dubai London Hospital, you can rest assured they are in safe hands. Our dedicated NICU team of intensive care unit specialists, including highly skilled NICU doctors and nurses, who have been fully trained in delivering high-quality care to pre-term babies and those born with health conditions.

We understand that these cases will have very specific needs all of their own, and we believe in giving treatment with a personal touch. As well as their parents, these pre-term babies will have extensive contact with our nursing staff, who take the time to get to know them as individuals and take into account the specific needs associated with them.

NICU services provided by Dubai London Hospital

Dubai London Hospital has a pioneering NICU Department, which makes use of the latest technological advancements to ensure your new-born receives the very highest standards of care. Among the many services our expert team provides are:

  • Sustained life support for critically ill babies
  • Comprehensive care for critically ill infants of all gestational ages and birth weights
  • Respiratory support, including conventional ventilation and high-frequency ventilation
  • Urgent advanced imaging and diagnostics

We pride ourselves on our reputation for the quality of services we provide, always endeavouring to exceed expectations. Our patient care outcomes are second to none, and the vast majority of babies treated in our NICU ward will go on to thrive and lead perfectly healthy and happy lives.

There for you in your time of need

All parents want what’s best for their new-born, but when your little one is born too early, it can feel a little unnerving. You may be left feeling emotionally disturbed by the birth and fearful for the health and future of your baby. We are here with you every step of the way; from the moment your baby takes their first breath through the weeks and months after you take them home.

Our specialist team provides ongoing support, keeping you up-to-date with all your baby’s treatment and making sure you feel fully informed and empowered. At Dubai London Hospital, we do everything we possibly can to give your little one the very best start in life. Whether they’ve been born prematurely or born with a serious health condition, we have the in-house expertise to provide the highest quality care to help your baby grow and develop as they should.

By supporting you as a family, we can work together to ensure your baby reaches full health and returns to the family home to begin your new life together in as short a time as possible.

For more information on the services provided by our NICU ward or to get advice from a NICU doctor, please get in touch today.



Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Dubai London Hospital