Dubai London Hospital has an unwavering commitment to giving each and every patient the highest level of care. This is possible because of expert doctors, dedicated and efficient support staff, cutting edge technology and an approach that sees every patient as a VIP. We specialise in personalised healthcare and can state with confidence that we will make every effort to give the patient a bespoke regimen of treatment with the best results possible. Since we believe in community and service to our members, this personalised relationship goes a long way in building a strong bond that promotes wellness.

DR. MISHO RAVIC Founder  and Managing partner


I am excited to announce that the Dubai London Hospital is now open and welcoming patients. With the opening of this new facility we will continue with our commitment to serve the local and wider community.

For more than three decades, we have earned our reputation for the provision of outstanding medical services.

The reputation of our doctors and support staff as compassionate medical professionals is a testament built on a sincere desire to serve to be passionate about best practice and to remain at the forefront of medical science. It is our intent to make Dubai London Hospital the preferred healthcare provider for our community by remaining focused, motivated, and responsive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new bespoke hospital and providing you and your family with an outstanding medical experience.


Founder & Managing partner



Dubai London Hospital is committed to serving our communities with outstanding healthcare services across all departments. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology and skilled experts from around the world to enhance our patients’ experience and earn their trust.



To become a valued member of the community and the most trusted healthcare provider in the Middle East by providing an accessible & superior quality service to all members of society.



To continuously improve the skills of our people and organisation by making sure we have access to the latest information and technology.

To deliver the finest levels of healthcare in all areas no matter how complex.

To gain the trust of our community so that they are confident in us to serve their every need.

To prioritise the patient by putting their health before anything else.