Pathology Laboratory

One of Dubai’s best Pathology Centres

The Dubai London Hospital is proud to offer the most advanced CPS clinical pathology services. Our state-of-the-art in-house pathology laboratory offers accurate analysis of a vast spectrum of medical conditions, with a strong focus on high-quality results delivered in record turnaround times.

Swift diagnostic services for all patients

We treat both inpatients and outpatients at our range of treatment facilities, as well as those who are treated directly by their GP. We provide our expert professionals with the very latest in medical technology to ensure that we deliver the best possible service and improve our patients’ outcomes when they seek treatment with us.

Our state-of-the-art Pathology Department treats a wide variety of medical conditions, with services ranging from routine scans to much more complicated procedures. We employ some of the medical sector’s leading experts and highly experienced consultants, specialists, nurses, and technical professionals. Between them, they operate one of the most advanced laboratories and have a proven track record in delivering the highest quality patient care.

Some of the tests we carry out can be done on the same day you visit the Dubai London Hospital, with rapid turnaround times of just a few hours. For other tests, you may need to book in advance and visit a specific unit within the department.

What is pathology?

Pathology is the study of the causes of illness and its effects on the body. Simply put, our Pathology Department examines samples of body tissue to detect specific conditions in order to assist your doctor in diagnosing and treating your complaint and devise the best course of treatment.

Within our Pathology Department, we provide a range of services. These include:

  • Haematology, or blood and bone marrow disorders
  • Biochemistry tests
  • Immunology, to examine weaknesses in the immune system
  • Serology, studying blood serum to assess the immune response to pathogens
  • Microbiology tests
  • Dermatopathology, or all manner of skin conditions, immunologic or infectious
  • Cytopathology, or the evaluation of biopsies and Pap tests
  • Anatomic or surgical pathology, looking for particular markers of disease from tissue samples

The length of time it takes to process an in-house test can vary, depending on the nature of the examination. We do, however, pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times, and you may receive the results of many of the tests we carry out within a few hours or the same day. This means your doctor of pathology can often confirm a diagnosis on the day, to see you start receiving treatment as soon as possible.

Our specialisms

Dubai London Hospital specialises in a range of pathology procedures, working with some of the region’s most skilled pathologists in various disciplines. Our haematology experts take blood samples in order to test for a range of blood and bone marrow disorders, with an attached team using serology to study blood serum and assess the immune system’s response to pathogens which cause illness.

Similar work is carried out by our doctors working in immunology, who also examine the workings of the immune system to look for the root cause of illness and disease. Our specialists in dermatopathology, meanwhile, examine the body’s largest organ, the skin, to test for immunologic or infectious diseases, to accurately diagnose your skin complaint.

The different strands of the Pathology Department all work in tandem to see that every facet of your diagnosis is covered and no avenue is left unexplored in the search for the cause of your health condition and the best course of treatment.

Why choose the Dubai London Hospital Pathology Department?

The Dubai London Hospital operates one of the most advanced Pathology Departments in Dubai, with highly experienced specialists in this field. Our team of experts demonstrate both knowledge and compassion towards their patients at a time of great stress and uncertainty.

Patient care and wellbeing are always our top priority, which is why we take a patient-centred approach to everything we do. You will be provided with support during your examination when the test results are delivered, and throughout any subsequent treatment, with our teams available round-the-clock to see you get the care you deserve.

Our Pathology Department benefits from some of the most cutting-edge medical equipment, and our clinicians have access to all the advanced laboratory equipment they need to carry out the incredible work they do. We take immense pride in being the premier pathology lab in Dubai, and this reputation has been hard-earned by our doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff.

If you require any further information on the pathology tests we can carry out or wish to speak to a member of the Pathology Department, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Pathology Laboratory department in Dubai London Hospital