Experience the joy of birth your way with Embrace Maternity.

At Dubai London Hospital’s Embrace Maternity Unit, we redefine the birthing experience by offering a range of personalised options tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team of experienced obstetricians are committed to providing exceptional care throughout your journey to motherhood.

Expert Care During and After Pregnancy

We offer expectant mothers a full range of services to monitor their pregnancy, utilising some of the region’s most advanced equipment to ensure mother and baby remain safe throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Newborn babies also receive the highest standard of care, with one of the country’s best NICUs on standby to help new arrivals with various health conditions.

Our highly trained team of paediatricians and support medical experts will always be there to help throughout your son or daughter’s childhood, offering a vast range of services. From behavioural issues to treating acute and chronic medical conditions, our team will always be by your side with advice, reassurance, and the expertise needed to provide the highest standards of medical attention.

Choosing Your Ideal Birth Method with Embrace Maternity

At Embrace Maternity, we offer an array of child birthing techniques to families in the UAE.

Vaginal Births

Embrace the natural miracle of childbirth with our expert support (with or without Epidural).

C-Section Deliveries

When circumstances require a surgical approach, rest assured knowing our skilled team is by your side.

Holistic Approach Deliveries

Experience a serene and empowering birth without anaesthesia or episiotomies.

At Dubai London Hospital’s Embrace Maternity Unit, we celebrate your unique journey to motherhood by providing comprehensive care tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Embrace Maternity?

At the Embrace Maternity Unit, we provide the required medical support and guidance that will help mothers deliver babies who will lead healthy and normal lives post-birth. Close monitoring of high-risk pregnancies by advanced ultrasound and electronic foetal monitoring tests, more frequent prenatal care, and improved patient education can help prevent many problems or discomforts during your pregnancy.

Our team of experienced obstetricians, specialists, midwives, nurses, a medical support team, and neonatal doctors who are specialists in taking care of you and your baby.

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