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A personalised diet plan from one of the UAE’s best nutritionist in Dubai

If you’re looking for the best nutrition doctors in Dubai, then you’ll find them at the Dubai London Hospital.

Our team of well-qualified and experienced dieticians and best nutritionists in Dubai can help you adapt your diet to lead a healthier lifestyle, prevent disease, or aid with recovery from health conditions.

Nutrition doctors for healthy living

In the past few years, we’ve gained a far greater understanding of just how important our diets are to enhancing our quality of life, from the microbiomes in our guts to the role ultra-processed foods play in obesity rates. More and more people are now seeking the services of expert nutritionists to help them adapt their diets to a healthier way of eating. This goes for people with no underlying conditions, as well as those who are struggling with conditions such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and metabolism disorders, among many other things.

A dietician can also help with weight loss and weight management, so if you’re in need of a hands-on dietician in Dubai, then the Dubai London Hospital can help. Whether you’re dealing with a health condition and need dietary advice or simply want to lose weight sustainably, we can provide you with the personalised care you need to achieve your optimum health goal.

How can a nutritionist doctor help?

We understand that no two people are the same, and so no two diets should be identical. What keeps one person healthy won’t necessarily work for another. Our nutritionists doctors are able to assess your overall health and help create a tailor-made diet plan that will work for you, to ensure you’re getting the nutrients and calories you need to stay healthy or build up your strength following an illness or during ongoing treatment.

The food we consume is responsible for our overall health, which is why it’s so vital to maintain a healthy diet that will give you all the nutrition you need. We also understand that food is more than just fuel. Food is meant to be one of the greatest pleasures in life, which is why our best nutritionists in Dubai specialists take the time to ensure the diet plan you are prescribed is as delicious as it is wholesome. By working with you and taking into account your needs, likes, and dislikes, we can create a diet regime that is both enjoyable and healthy.

Eating disorders, food allergies, and sports nutrition

Our dieticians can also assist with issues surrounding eating disorders, including the care of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and all other disorders of eating. These conditions are often serious and life-limiting, but with the help of an experienced dietetics team, people can recover and restore a healthy relationship with food.
Being best nutritionists in Dubai we also specialise in the management of food allergies and intolerances, including coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, and nut allergies, among many other things. We can ensure that the diet you or your loved one’s follow is safe and free from anything that might trigger a reaction.
Another area of expertise is sports nutrition, and our best nutritionist in Dubai can help with creating a bespoke diet plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re training for a specific event or simply want a personalised diet plan to help you get fit, our expert team can help you achieve your goals.

What services does the Dubai London Hospital provide?

We provide a full range of dietetic services, all designed around you and your health needs. These include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • The management of diabetes, types I and II
  • Chronic health nutrition, such as cardiac, renal, hypertension, or high cholesterol
  • Weight management in both children and adults
  • Eating disorders
  • Sports nutrition
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • General wellness and disease prevention
  • Management of metabolic syndrome

Our team of experts in healthy lifestyles are highly experienced and exceptionally well-qualified, giving you every confidence in the care that they provide. Working with you as an individual and with the support of the wider nutrition team, your nutritionist can formulate a diet plan which works for you, taking into account all your body’s requirements to ensure you get a balanced diet that promotes good health.

During an inpatient stay, our dieticians work closely with the kitchen staff to ensure you get well-balanced, bespoke meals to fit with your new diet plan.

Why choose the Dubai London Hospital?

Our nutrition doctors are known for their incredible wealth of knowledge and decades of combined experience. Between them, our best nutritionists in Dubai can provide a complete range of dietary support services, to help you live a healthier lifestyle, build a good relationship with food, and achieve your goals, sporting or otherwise.

Seeking dietetic treatment from the Dubai London Hospital means working with professionals who are leading the way in the field of nutrition. To book your consultation or to find out more about the services we provide, please get in touch today.

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