I am excited to announce that the Dubai London Hospital is now open and welcoming patients. With the opening of this new facility, we will continue with our commitment to serve the local and wider community.

For more than three decades, we have earned our reputation for the provision of outstanding medical services. This continued commitment to our patients has enabled us to become the longest-established private healthcare facility in Dubai and to be the only local hospital to receive dual international accreditation for quality.

Dr. Misho Ravic, Founder & Managing Partner


35 Years of Serving the Community - Dubai London Hospital
Over the past 35 years, the holding company, Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital, has established impeccable credentials, and our team of medical experts enjoy professional credibility based on unrivalled healthcare experience and an outstanding record of service. Its reputation established through a network of six facilities makes for a very sound foundation on which to build a modern hospital, thereby adding tangibly to the UAE’s healthcare system.


To be the best hospital in the region and ensure the finest levels of medical services is our singular mission at Dubai London Hospital. We have an unwavering commitment to giving each patient the highest level of care. This is possible because of our expert doctors, dedicated and efficient support staff, cutting edge technology and an approach that sees every patient as a VIP.

We specialise in personalised healthcare and can state with confidence that we will make every effort to give all our patients a bespoke regimen of treatment with the best results possible. Since we believe in community and service to our members, this relationship goes a long way in giving the patient a sense of confidence.



DLCSH was a very comforting place during my second pregnancy. I shifted to Dr. Shruti, specialist at DLCSH, midway during my pregnancy as I was suggested a cervical stitch to avoid preterm labour, which I was not very comfortable with. Dr. Shruti guided me professionally with a very personal touch throughout the journey and also helped me avoid preterm labour without the cervical stitch. During delivery and post delivery also, the attention and care given was phenomenal. The staff does not even think before going an extra mile in taking care of their patients and their family, and making the journey comfortable. They have very comfortable delivery and post delivery rooms with very trained staff to take care of the new moms and babies. The hospital is well equipped with all the modern technology and well trained staff, and have hassle free policies and processes. Highly recommend.

Neha D

Thank you for giving me back my right hand sensation and pain-free movement . I am still healing and understand that my median nerve was badly damaged, hence the lingrting parestesia, but I can now feel what I am actually touching. I moved my hand better than I could following a previous surgery had a year ago for the same carpal tunnel release. I am a medical specialist and understand what excellent patient care is, and I am indebted to Dr. Manjunatha for his care and professionalism . I have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for some time and was losing my fine motor as well as sensation in my right hand, whilst typing, writing, and even sleeping was a problem, even after the first surgery. Dr. Manjunatha did the revision surgery of my carpal tunnel after the nerve conduction study confirmed the state of my median nerve, and I am feeling so much better. i.e. Revision surgery is a huge success, and I expect a decent recovery over the next few weeks, especially as the procedure was done endoscopically.
Thank you so much also to the receptionist and all the nursing staff as well as the anaesthesia department. They were all amazing. Last but not least, the technician who did the nerve conduction study was super gentle. Great hospital with awesome staff.


I have visited Dubai London Hospital recently as I had an appointment with Dr. Asmaa, the Neurologist. I was greatly impressed with her professionalism, ability to accurately assess my personal situation as well as kind approach. I would recommend Dr. Asmaa wholeheartedly to anyone looking for high quality health care in a state-of-the-art facility. Thank you Dr. Asmaa and thank you Dubai London Clinic!


I’ve been visiting Dubai London hospital and Dubai London Speciality clinic for several years. I’ve always been pleased with the service and care. Most recently, I had surgery at the new hospital with Dr. Sebouh. The treatment provide by Dr Sebouh before the surgery was excellent. He was always helpful and thorough. His team of nurses is also fantastic. The surgery went well and the staff was excellent. Physiotherapy has also been great with Dr Annemie. I highly recommend Dr Sebouh, the staff and Dubai London.


I had a potential issue with blood pressure. The Cardiologist Dr Tamkeen Kinah was extremely thoughtful and very selective on the tests required, reducing these to the only those very relevant. I had a sense of a doctor that was interested in the patient and patient care not generating endless tests that would have generated income for the hospital. Very nice to experience this in Dubai.

Robert Pearce

Great service from the hospital staff. Dr. Hardik Ganatra did a great job and I am very happy from the service. Great and lovely nurses that took care of me, it was a wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Patient of Dr. Hardik Ganatra

I met with and consulted Dr. Tamkeen Kinah for a cardiac examination and stress test. Dr Kinah was excellent and most helpful. His knowledge is extensive and he took great effort to answer my questions and explain the details of my condition. I am truly grateful for his help and expertise.

Frank Zed

This was my first visit to the hospital, was very well received in a timely manner.
I came to visit Dr. Tamkeen and I was not surprised from his great experience and the professional approach he take to deal with his patients and the simplicity of his explanations. Thank you.

Mohammed Mohaisen

Over the last year I lost 26kg I then thought it prudent to go do a full medical as a baseline. Every thing looks fine but as part of that full physical I did a stress EKG and my Cardiologist Dr. Tamkeen Kinah detected a minuscule variation in my EKG when at a higher exercise level. Out of abundance of caution he recommended at Cardiac CT, I accepted his recommendation. The cardiac CT showed some potential signifiant blocage in one of my Coronary Arteries. Mind you I am completely asymptomatic… it was the cardiologist’s expertise that has led me to seek appropriate treatment.

Not to but too fine a point on it but the detected issue is life threatening and without treatment potentially leathal.

I am very grateful to Dubai London Clinic and Dr Tamkeen Kirah.

Michael Patrick Foley

Dr Tamkeen is the best in the business. Not only does he have exceptional knowledge above others, he has both practices and a bed side manner that gives confidence and ease to his patients. At all times, he has treated us with kindness, respect and a humanistic approach that so many other doctors simply do not possess, and never will. He is a gifted physician. We trust Dr Tamkeen with our lives, with good reason, and can highly recommend him, especially if you want the best care and outstanding health outcomes for your heart. Thank you for everything Dr Tamkeen. Ben and Sara

Ben MacGregor

Doctor Tamkeen has been my cardiologist for multiple years. He has been extremely professional throughout my medical , providing adequate care, piece of mind but he also connects on a personal level. Dr Tamkeen discovered my heart condition, worked with me until the moment of the surgery, which took place in a different hospital, and after that I had no doubt about going back to dr Tamkeen for his continuous support with my condition. I would recommend dr Tamkeen to anyone.

Marc Jutten

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah is incredible. Not only has he taken great care of my mom’s heart, but is also good to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor who pays special attention to his patients. I highly recommend. Also, great hospital and staff – quick experience from start (vital signs) to finish (tests).

Anam Usman

Dr Tamkeen a Kinah is an amazing doctor. He has a wonderful way with patients, his diagnosis was spot on and he gave me amazing results only in one month of treatment. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a highly competent cardiologist. Thank you so much Dr Tamkeen for your amazing hard work, deligence and care about your patients

Reenita Das

Dr Tamkeen is highly qualified doctor. His way of working is to provide a human touch to his patients keeps the patient at ease ,always admire him and would recommend him to all. He is highly professional, knows his job very well. He is one of the best cardiologist in town with exceptional skills in clinical and preventive cardiology. I am myself a doctor and can assess his enormous capabilities and I am his patient since last for years


Brand new hospital, great doctors and nurses specially Dr Tamkeen. Dr. Tamkeen he is professional cardiology. I advice him for all specially difficult to find in Dubai Russian speaker doctor. He speaks Russian excellent.
Я советую всем русско говорящим в Дубае обращаться к нему.

Mahamadjan Igamberdiev



Dubai London Hospital Infrastructure

Dubai London Hospital Infrastructure


Dubai London Hospital is conveniently located in the heart of the Jumeirah Beach Road neighbourhood, just minutes away from the world-famous Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab iconic places to visit. It's only ten minutes from Business Bay's commercial hub, Madinat Jumeirah, bustling Marina and JBR areas, and runs parallel to the famous Sheikh Zayed road, and it's accessible to a number of four- and five-star hotel chains as well as beach resorts, with the promenade and the ocean only few minutes away.

With medical tourism increasing in popularity and becoming a viable exercise, Dubai London Hospital is ideally situated for visitors to choose their options for comfortable accommodations, engage in shopping, find the best of global cuisine or imbibe culture at the famous Dubai Opera, just a short drive away.



The Dubai London Clinic Group was established in 1987 with the vision of providing the best modern international healthcare in a patient-centred environment. For more than three decades, we have consistently maintained a reputation for excellence – a reputation that has enabled the company to proudly be one of the longest established private healthcare facilities in Dubai. We have been recognised with full accreditation by one of the top accrediting bodies worldwide: the ACHS- Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI EQuiP7), considered the gold standard in global health care accreditation. The team continually strives to ensure a patient’s healthcare journey is an excellent experience, taking place within a network built on the foundations of knowledge, advanced technology, and compassion.