Teen Acne, a discussion with Dr. Umesh Nihalani

Teen Acne, a discussion with Dr. Umesh Nihalani in Dubai London Hospital

A summary of a few questions discussed during the Web Talk on the 24th of May, 2023 with Pinca Play and Dr. Umesh Nihalani .

I am struggling to resolve my back acne – What can I do?

Acne affects all the pilosebaceous units sensitive to androgens. One should take care of the skin with a routine suitable to your skin type and lifestyle, and additionally prevent the blockages by following measures:

  1. Mild body scrub once a week help
  2. Wash your hair more frequently
  3. Make sure to thoroughly rinse off your conditioner – If the conditioner is not removed effectively from the long hair, it may aggravate the back acne
  4. Carrying heavy backpacks for long can increase the blockages and can increase the appearance and prevalence of back acne

My daughter has oily skin and suffers from acne. Currently she is only using Cerave face wash for oily skin. Please suggest skin care routine and products for her skin type.

For her age and skin type, I recommend the following skin care routine:

  1. Control oil – salicylic acid face wash is the way to go. Followed by mild/water-based moisturiser
  2. Prevent blockages – using mild retinoid cream (although it is recommended to see a dermatologist before starting use of this cream, due to her age)
  3. Control androgens – of course, we cannot control the production, but reducing sugary food and incorporating good exercise 3-4 times a week definitely helps

My daughter is 9 and has acne on her forehead already. What could be causing these?

The causes for acne remain the same as with most adults – excessive oil production, androgens (hormones and hormonal imbalance), blockages and inflammation. For this case specifically, I recommend more frequent hair washing and to avoid application of oil to the hair and scalp to prevent the blockages in her forehead.