Knee & Hip Surgery

The top orthopaedic doctors in the UAE

Dubai London Hospital employs some of the world’s leading orthopaedic doctors, who specialise in hip and knee treatments. After examining your condition, we match you with the best orthopaedics doctor on our team and ensure you get the best treatment possible as you embark on a new chapter in your life.

Advanced knee surgery and hip replacement

As we age, our bodies naturally experience general wear and tear, and around 73% of those aged 55 and above will eventually need knee replacement surgery. Damage to the knees and hips can make walking painful and severely limit the amount of physical activity you feel able to do day-to-day, detracting from your enjoyment of life.

If you’re suffering from knee or hip pain, it might be a good idea to book an appointment with one of our orthopaedic doctors to see if you could benefit from joint replacement surgery.

Who needs knee surgery or a hip replacement?

You don’t need to have suffered any sort of trauma to your hips or knees to experience hip and knee pain. As the body ages, the years catch up with us, and our joints can suffer from the effects of all those years of everyday use. Knee and hip pain may come on gradually or suddenly and can be very debilitating, limiting the amount of physical activity you feel capable of doing.

If pain is affecting your day-to-day life, then you’re not alone. Around three-quarters of adults over 55 will need to see an orthopaedics doctor and undergo hip or knee surgery at some point in their later years, making this one of the most common types of elective surgery in people of this age range. But it’s better to get it done before it gets worse, as the prognosis depends upon the current conditions of the patient too.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is used to treat stiffness and pain in the knee joints, most commonly brought on by age or osteoarthritis. It’s a common procedure that involves replacing damaged parts of the knee with metal or plastic and removing any worn parts to give the joint greater mobility and thereby reduce pain and discomfort. And gives a better, more independent functional life to the patient.

Depending on the severity of the damage to the knee joint, you may need full knee replacement surgery or a partial knee replacement.

Full knee replacement surgery involves replacing all the various components of the knee joint, effectively giving you a whole new knee made up of metal and plastic. Partial knee replacement, on the other hand, is a scaled-back version that sees only smaller and more worn parts of the knee replaced.

At Dubai London Hospital, we carry out conventional knee surgery using the very latest advances in technology, including kinematic knee replacement and computer-assisted navigational surgeries. This less invasive form of knee surgery means the vast majority of patients will improve their mobility with the right procedure, care, and physiotherapy.

What is hip replacement surgery?

As with our knee joints, our hips experience a lot of wear and tear over the years, and that can catch up with us in later life. Hip pain can make walking incredibly painful and limit a person’s mobility, so if this is something you’re experiencing or have had a bad fall, then seeing a hip replacement surgeon could be the solution.
Hip replacement surgery, much like knee replacement surgery, involves the removal of the most worn parts of the joint and replacing them with plastic or metal substitutes. Hip pain occurs when elements of the joints become worn from constant friction, and by replacing these joints, we effectively ‘reset the clock’ and eliminate that pain.
As with knee replacement surgery, hip surgery is classified as a routine procedure, and recovery times with the help of physiotherapy are very fast in the vast majority of cases. Your specialist hip replacement surgeon will know precisely which parts will need replacing or whether hip resurfacing or a total hip replacement is an option, ensuring you receive the best form of treatment for your particular condition.

When should I consult a specialist?

Hip and knee pain tends to build up over a period of time once we reach our fifties and beyond, although trauma can exacerbate the matter. You should think about consulting a specialist orthopaedic doctor if you’re experiencing ongoing pain in your knees or hips, particularly if this is having an impact on your mobility and quality of life.

Dubai London Hospital employs a world-leading team of orthopaedic doctors, all of whom have been trained to the highest levels and are highly experienced when it comes to joint surgery, knee replacement surgery and hip procedures.

Joint pain should not limit the amount you can do in your everyday life. For more information on the various surgeries and pain relief we offer, simply get in touch with Dubai London Hospital today.



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