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What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a soft balloon which is inserted into your stomach using a thin tube passed down your throat. This is then inflated with solution, which results in occupying space in the stomach, making you feel full all the time so you eat less.

By reducing your appetite in this way, you feel satiated faster, and weight loss becomes inevitable.

The beauty of a gastric balloon is that it’s a non-invasive procedure and completely reversible. A balloon is just a temporary measure that aids in losing weight whilst you get into a new regular routine and healthy lifestyle.

There are three main types of gastric balloons you can opt for:

  • A pill balloon – this is swallowed in pill form, remains in your stomach for a matter of months and then is naturally excreted.
  • Endoscopic non-adjustable balloon
  • Endoscopic adjustable balloon

Your doctor can talk you through the pros and cons of each before you make a joint decision on which works best for you.

Who is recommended to a weight loss balloon?

Gastric balloons are usually offered to people over the age of 18 who have a BMI of 27 or above and have failed to lose weight by more conventional routes. In order to have a gastric balloon you’ll also have to be free of any upper gastrointestinal conditions such as gastritis, acid reflux issues, hernias or cardiac problems. Patients should also expect to commit to improving their lifestyle and exercise regime, so that when the balloon is removed, the weight stays off.

Weight loss balloons are not inserted if a patient has gastrointestinal problems, is pregnant or is still breastfeeding. They’re most commonly used in patients who are too overweight or obese to risk surgery, and those whose weight has remained stubbornly high despite attempts to slim down.

What happens during the procedure? (Pill Balloon)

The insertion of a balloon is a very straightforward procedure which normally takes just 15-20 minutes to perform in the OP Department, for pill balloons. The balloon solution holds approximately 500 ml and lasts 4-5 months.

For non-adjustable endoscopic balloons, the insertion is done using gastroscopy. That means patients are put to sleep with mild sedation for a 20-30 mins procedure, where the balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated. This type of balloon holds approximately 500 ml and lasts 5-6 months. This is perhaps the most popular of weight loss procedures, and a specialism of Dubai London Hospital. Non-adjustable endoscopic balloons will often last long enough to yield dramatic weight loss results in the majority of patients.

For patients who are really struggling to lose weight, another option is an adjustable endoscopic balloon. With an adjustable endoscopic balloon, you’ll usually meet with your doctor two or three times so the balloon can be topped up as recommended until you’ve reached a weight plateau. This balloon typically lasts from 12-14 months.

Once the gastric balloon is in place, it will be gently filled with solution until it takes up around two-thirds of the stomach.

While these procedures are straightforward, there are a few things you should remember before undergoing treatment:

  • You may experience some abdominal pain for the first 72 hours, but this is completely natural
  • IV fluids and medication may need to be given to patients who experience more acute pain or vomiting after their procedure
  • PPI medications will need to be taken for the first three months after your balloon has been inserted
  • Endoscopic balloons will need to be removed by your doctor at the right time and under their supervision

What are the benefits to a gastric balloon?

Stomach balloons are a fantastic way to kick start weight loss. Patients with a gastric balloon tend to lose up to 10-15% of their weight during the time the balloon is in place, which is a considerable amount and almost certainly more than they could expect to lose through trying to follow a calorie-controlled diet and exercise.

If you choose to have a gastric balloon, then this is the start of a body transformation that should see you shed the pounds and get the trim figure you’ve always longed for. While the balloon is in place, you’ll get the chance to work with dieticians and weight loss specialists to help change your thinking about food and to introduce you to a healthier lifestyle. As soon as the time is right, your balloon will be removed and you can begin the next exciting chapter of your life as a whole new you!

Why choose Dubai London Hospital for a weight loss balloon?

Dubai London Hospital has a weight-loss team and bariatric surgeons, who are pioneers in what they do. Our exceptionally gifted surgeons come from all around the world and are drawn to our clinic’s fantastic facilities and faultless reputation. We have more than 35 years of experience in treating patients for weight loss, and our success rates are second to none.

Our expert doctors are on hand to help you get your weight loss transformation underway, providing you with all the advice and support you need as you make this momentous lifestyle change.

For more information on gastric balloons or other weight loss procedures, please get in touch with our team today.


Endoscopic balloons from Dubai London Hospital