Heart Health Talk: Athletes and The Risks of Coronary Diseases by Dr. Tamkeen Kinah and Dr. Ashok Lodha

Heart Health Talk: Athletes and The Risks of Coronary Diseases by Dr. Tamkeen Kinah and Dr. Ashok Lodha

Dubai London Hospital hosted a heart health talk in the DLH conference room. This informative session focused on the importance of regular heart health checks that can help identify early warning signs of heart disease or conditions.

This initiative creates an opportunity to connect with the participants, allow them to have a tour of the facility, and foster community interaction among the attendees, such as sharing their personal experiences.

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah, Consultant Cardiologist presented topics about athletes and coronary artery disease and illustrated the importance of uncovering potentially serious underlying conditions and a structured approach, where he strives to encourage athletes to continue pursuing their passion in a safe and moderated manner.

Dr. Ashok being a sports enthusiast himself, shared some insights about cycling and exercise addiction. He highlighted that cycling makes you fitter, healthier, and happier. However, there’s a need to keep track of one’s health and wellbeing. Too much cardio-related activity can also be addictive in a way that becomes all-consuming. The problem comes when a rider grows dependent on cycling and feels they need to ride to the extent that cycling ranks above all other commitments, resulting in physical, psychological, or interpersonal harm.

Many heart conditions and their risk factors can go undetected without regular heart check-ups and health screenings. Preventative healthcare can help you and your doctors stay on top of your health and find potential health issues before they develop into something more serious.

Dubai London Hospital provides the best comprehensive and preventative cardiology care to our patients.

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