Heart Health Day with Dr. Tamkeen in collaboration with Russian Speaking Mums UAE

heart health day with dr tamkeen in collaboration with russian speaking mum - Dubai London Hospitals uae

Dubai London Hospital hosted a community initiative aimed at engaging and empowering women’s health. This event served as an opportunity for us to connect with the Russian Speaking Mums Group in the UAE, understand their needs, and share important topics related to health and well-being. Through this collaborative effort, we sought to initiate a group discussion that would not only introduce our hospital but also shed light on the significance of healthy living and regular heart screening.

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah, Consultant Cardiologist, presented topics about taking care of our heart health, which is crucial for leading a long and healthy life. Making lifestyle changes such as choosing good nutrition, quitting smoking, lowering high blood pressure, being physically active every day, aiming for a healthy weight, reducing stress, managing diabetes, limiting alcohol intake, and regularly consulting with a doctor are all essential steps in preventing heart conditions and promoting overall cardiovascular health.

The heart health talk was followed by a complimentary basic health check with a GP consultation for our participants to help promote early prevention and encourage healthy habits and awareness for overall health.

Our Cardiology Department is equipped with the latest cardiovascular technology, which allows our team of expert cardiologists to provide the highest level of care for our patients as we offer a full range of cardiac condition-related tests and procedures.