Heart Health Check at Dubai London Hospital

Heart health check at Dubai London Hospital

As a community-driven initiative, we took the lead in organising a heart health day to prioritise the well-being of our community members. Our primary focus is to provide a complimentary heart-health assessment, ensuring that everyone has access to valuable information about their cardiac health.

With the support of our team of dedicated cardiologists and healthcare professionals, we aimed to deliver the utmost care and compassion during this event. Our goal was not only to raise awareness about heart disease but also to highlight the importance of maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

By offering free health check, we emphasised the significance of regular check-ups and early detection. We believe that prevention is key when it comes to achieving a healthy body and avoiding potential complications related to heart disease.

Through this initiative, we aimed to create an environment where community members could come together and commit themselves to taking care of their hearts.

Together, by supporting one another and prioritising our cardiovascular well-being, we can strive towards building a healthier future for all.

We would like to thank our community partners, Supercare and Essentially for supporting this initiative together.