Healthy Beginnings: Complimentary Screening at Dubai London Hospital

Dubai London Hospital organised a health camp initiative to encourage individuals to prioritise their health and well-being by offering complimentary screenings. The “Healthy Beginnings” program aims to kick start the year by focusing on basic health check-ups, including BMI measurement, body composition analysis using an InBody machine, blood pressure monitoring, lipid profile assessment (CHOL, TRIG, HDL and LDL), and sugar check. The screenings were conducted with the support of our medical experts, specialising in internal medicine and general surgery.

This community event highlights the importance of weight management and offers consultations for the Gastric Balloon procedure. It is a non-invasive weight loss option that can kick-start the process of losing excess body weight. By placing a balloon in the stomach, individuals can feel fuller and eat smaller portions, thus aiding in weight reduction. This procedure can result in losing 10-15% of the body weight, making it an effective tool to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it can help individuals build healthy habits and adopt sustainable dietary and exercise practices for long-term weight management.

Our top priority is keeping you and your loved ones healthy, and we work hard to continually enhance the services we offer. At Dubai London Hospital, we offer a wide range of specialised services and have dedicatedly provided personalised care in this region from generation to generation since we have built our name on the quality of the care we provide.