DLH Parenting Journey “Essential Guide to Breastfeeding”

We are delighted to welcome our community for another edition of DLH Parenting Journey, in collaboration with Mumz and Munchkinz. The aim of this coffee morning session is to reassure women, provide great resources for support and some breastfeeding tips.

This session was about the essential guide to breastfeeding. There are a wide range of breastfeeding concerns that mothers may experience after giving birth, such as stages of breast milk, benefits of breastfeeding, storing and using expressed breastmilk, and breastfeeding challenges.

Breastfeeding can be one of the most joyous moments that mothers share with their new baby. It allows a mother to form a deeper connection with her child while providing them with the vital nutrients they need to survive, grow, and stay healthy.

Our Obstetrics and Gynaecology department takes a holistic approach to patient care. This may include a dedicated gynaecologist doctor, midwives, or nurses to help you improve your mental wellbeing as you prepare for your new arrival. We will monitor your pregnancy every step of the way and ensure you receive the fantastic patient care you and your baby deserve.