Hair loss is a problem that many people can relate to. The best treatment for this issue is often determined by the type of hair loss you face.

Woman facing hair loss dubai aesthetic clinic

What is hair loss?

Hair always grows in a cycle where the old strands fall off, the hair root or hair follicle goes into a resting phase, and gradually it starts growing new strands. This cycle takes around three months. After the three-month growth cycle, new hair grows, which is called anagen hair, and that has a long life. If we understand this, then hair loss is a normal process. But if you see more than 100 strands of hair loss in a day or you see visible thinning of hair or a reduction in hair density, then it is time to seek medical advice.

What are the common causes of hair loss?

There are plenty of causes of hair loss. A few are listed below:

  1. Stress
  2. Medical conditions like thyroid disease and low ferritin levels
  3. Chronic medical conditions include systemic autoimmune conditions
  4. Certain medications
  5. Recent medical or surgical illness
  6. Post pregnancy
  7. Lifestyle disorders
  8. Vitamin Deficiencies
  9. Hormone-related alopecia (androgenic alopecia) in women is associated with PCOS
  10. Autoimmune conditions like alopecia areata

What is androgenic alopecia?

It is hormone-dependent hair loss, associated with hormonal imbalance or hormonal excess. It can affect both men and women. Most of the time, genes are responsible. Lifestyle has a great impact on development. PCOS is the most common reason for women to have this kind of hair loss.


Treatments for hair loss:

Hair treatments take at least three months to show their effect. The resultant increase in hair density may be seen only after 9–12 months. Treatment of the hair loss includes two components:

  1. Identifying the cause and treating it accordingly to stop the progress
  2. Stimulate hair regrowth with the following treatments: 
  1. Some topical hair growth agents (doctor-prescribed)
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. Platelet-rich plasma treatments
  4. Some lasers have shown good effects on hair regrowth

Common hair care tips:

  1. Never use very hot or very cold water for showers
  2. Hair colors can damage the hair, especially bleaching the hair, which makes it more fragile
  3. The sun is not only harmful for your skin, but it is also harmful for your hair
  4. Never tie the hair very tightly
  5. Straitening and curling (temporary or long-lasting) are injurious