Dr Stephanie Fournex podiatrist in dubai hospital

Stephanie Fournex


Degrees: BSN Hons Podiatrist, PG in Sport Podiatry, PCert Diabetic Educator, Wound Care Specialist
Department: Podiatry
Languages: English
Branch: Speciality Hospital

Stephanie Fournex is a Podiatrist and Wound Care Specialist. She has worked in the Middle East for more than 4 years and has spent time in leading private healthcare centres. She has regularly worked alongside Orthopaedic Surgeons, Endocrinologists and Geriatric Specialists to handle complex cases including leg and foot wound-management related to diabetic complications. Her practice is focused on high intensity conservative treatments that have been widely known as the new gold standard for non-surgical treatments. Ms Fournex gained her degree in Podiatry Medical Science from Louvain la Neuve University (Parnasse-Isei, Bruxelles, Belgium) before undertaking an internship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, as a mentor for final year students. She then specialised in sports therapy and gained certification in football-related sports injuries and manual therapies. She also volunteers for the “Fit-Feet” program under the Special Olympics (UAE) to promote foot health among children with learning disabilities. She also holds certification in diabetes education from the International Diabetes Federation. In addition, she has attended the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC) at the University of Toronto. She is a Fellow of American Limb Preservation Society.