Dr. Roelien Stapelberg

Consultant Orthodontist

Degrees: BChD, MSc, Morth (Edinburg)
Department: Dentistry
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Branch: Dubai London Hospital

Dr. Roelien Stapelberg is a Board-Certified Consultant Orthodontist with over 10 years of experience in the treatment of children and adults with varying levels of malocclusion. She specifically excels in creating beautiful functional smiles for adults for them to be go through life with limited maintenance required, and aiding children with developing malocclusion to correct them early, and give them the freedom to live their life worry free until they are ready for comprehensive treatment during adolescence. She has extensive knowledge and skill with both clear aligners for aesthetic orthodontic treatment, as well as traditional braces and growth modification devices for children.

Dr. Roelien has published multiple articles in some of the highest regarded orthodontic journals in her field, with topics ranging from long term stability, to the treatment timing of impacted teeth.

Dr. Roelien loves to understand her patients aims and goals, and guide them to their best smile through the easiest and shortest treatment possible.