Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2023

Early detection plays a vital role in preventing the spread of any disease, including breast cancer. Through our community initiatives, Dubai London Hospital seeks to spark conversation and encourage everyone to understand the importance of breast health and take action.

Our goal is not only to create awareness but also to make a significant impact on the community and to empower everyone with knowledge about the condition and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our team of experts joined our mission to work together, which aims to provide education when it comes to breast cancer to ensure access to accurate information about prevention, screening methods, and available resources for diagnosis and treatment.

We were given the opportunity to engage and present informative sessions with various private and government sector entities, such as EGA, Little Angels Nursery, ALEC Contracting, Drydocks, British Orchard Nursery (JBR), Dubai International School (Al Quoz), GMG, and SAP MENA, to spread awareness about breast health concerns, educate people about breast cancer risk factors, and emphasise the importance of regular screening and regular breast self-exams. These sessions are accompanied by the distribution of awareness brochures about breast cancer and breast self-examination procedures and vouchers that offer ultrasound or mammogram screenings and clinical examination.

We are grateful to have received the support of our community partners, SebamedEssentiallyOrganic Foods & Café, Chubs and Mustela by working hand-in-hand to support our initiatives.