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Dr. Sakina Farhat

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Degrees: MC, FACG (USA), FACP (USA)
Department: Gastroenterology (Diagnosis and treatment of digestive system abnormalities)
Languages: English, Hindi

Dr. Sakina Farhat is an American board-certified Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist with extensive experience in her field of specialisation. After getting her medical degree, Dr. Sakina Farhat moved to USA where she completed her training in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Before moving to Dubai, she practiced Gastroenterology in the USA. She is deeply committed to high quality care that leads to positive and long-lasting health outcomes. She takes thorough and precise approach during her consultations to ensure that she is consistently giving accurate diagnosis and treatment to her patients. Dr. Sakina provides care for common digestive diseases as well as in depth investigations for difficult GI conditions. She is one of the few Consultants in the Middle East who had formal fellowship training and expertise in liver diseases. Currently she is the only American board-certified female gastroenterologist with extensive experience in Dubai.