Dr. Emadeldin Ibrahim Consultant Pulmonologist

Dr. Emadeldin Ibrahim

Consultant Pulmonologist

Degrees: MBBCH, MSc, MD
Department: Private: Pulmonology (Respiratory health)
Languages: English
Dr. Ibrahim is a Consultant Pulmonologist with over 33 years of experience in his field. He studied medicine in the Alexandria University, Egypt and had his hands-on training in Royal Hammersmith Hospital, St Mary Hospital, and St Stephens Hospitals in London, UK. He graduated with Honours from the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine, and then pursued his Master’s Degree in Pulmonary Medicine. He later became an Assistant Lecturer of Pulmonary Medicine and had his clinical fellowship and doctorate research in the Pulmonary Department at Washington School of Medicine, St Louis, USA. During this fellowship he was awarded by the American College of Chest Physician two young investigator awards and a Cecil Lehman Research award, he also received a Fellowship of the American College of Chest Physicians. Since 2004 he has been a chair in the European Respiratory Society conferences and received several awards from the European Society including gold and silver research awards, as well as a fellowship at the pulmonary medicine department of Verji University, Brussel, Belgium. In 2012 he became a full-time professor of pulmonary medicine. Dr. Ibrahim is chair of the Respiratory Infections Group of Emirates Thoracis Society, Member of the Emirates Thoracic Society (UAE), Member of the American College of Chest Physicians (USA), Member of the European Respiratory Society (Switzerland), Member of the Egyptian Society of Chest Diseases, Member of the Egyptian Society of Bronchology (Egypt). Currently, he also teaches Pulmonary Medicine for the Sharjah Faculty of Medicine Students, UAE.